Felbeats music cover

Songs on YouTube by Feltbeats include:

  • Silhouettes In Sunsets
  • Time Isn’t Healing
  • Time Well Spent

Songs available on iTunes by Feltbeats include:

  • Silhouettes In Sunsets (Single)

Time Well Spent EP on iTunes:

  • Time Well Spent
  • Right Place, Right Time
  • Under Stars
  • One of These Days
  • Time Isn’t Healing

All I Need EP on iTunes:

  • All I Need
  • I’ll Be There
  • One of These Days
  • Time Isn’t Healing
  • In My Arms


Time Well Spent Guitar Chords

Standard tuning
F	133211
C	x35553
Bb	655466

F C Bb F

F	 	       	    C
And I will remember sharing lips with her
Bb		 F
The coming weeks were to be a blur
      F			C
Cause time with her is like no other
Bb (silence)		      F
She can make her winter’s day feel like a summer

F			C
And it’s so so nice to have her alone
Bb	F
Cause you know i made her leave her mobile phone at home
Bb			F
The clock’s ticking but I don’t mind
Bb 					C
Because there’s no one else i’d rather share my time
F		C
and i’ve no idea where that day gone when
Bb			F
Yet I know that it was time well spent
F		   C
And I have no idea where that day gone when
Bb			F
Yet I know that it was time well spent

F C Bb F
so i sing uh uh
F C Bb F
uh uh uh uh uh uh


11 Responses to “Songs”

  1. Hello my name is Laëtitia, I’m french, and I speak a little english. So I will say that I live your song. They are faboulous. I’m fond of time isn’t healling with my best friend

    Bye !!

  2. Hellooooooo!!!

    I’m the best friend of Laëtitia (yes, it’s me =)
    I want to thanks you for your songs, photos and for the rest. (the smiles of… euh… anyone =)

    Alors thank you very much, and à plus tard!!!!!

    bisouuuuuu!!! (kiss =)

  3. 3 Suzanne

    Hello! I’m Suzanne from Hungary. Your sound is very nice, I love it! (and you, too…:-)

  4. 4 Anette

    I love your songs and I wanted to say that you’re a great singer! If you ever make an album I will buy it!

  5. Hello

    I’m french
    I’ve followed your steps since you performe as Draco Malfoy because “he” is my favourite personnage in Harry Potter.
    Then, I’ve heard you wanted to leave the entire world of fame etc… so I’ve lost your trace… then I find you here…
    Singing, playing guitar.
    I really enjoy it !
    I love what you are doing
    For now my favourite ist time isn’t healing
    Let’s continue
    I hope to see you on stage one of these days 🙂

    Take care =)

  6. Hello,
    And I’m from Belgium ^^
    I really love all of your songs, sounds like you’re getting better and better!
    I’ll be there is really such a fantastic song (:
    And I hope you’ll keep on posting the guitar chords, I’m gonna by me a guitar but I’m only a beginner so I’ll have to learn how to play first =D
    But I’m gonna try to play your songs cuz I really love them (:

  7. 7 shayla

    hey i’m from brunei. love this song! I kept repeating it on my computer. You’ve really got a heavy British accent singing this song. Love it!

  8. 8 Marissa

    Draco Draco Draco Draco Draco good at singing 🙂

  9. hi
    im from philippines and i also play guitar lyk you…
    your a good singer and also a good at guitar and im surprised about that…
    im one of your addicted fans….hahahah and i wish that you well than acting and singing…
    kip up d good work…

    ingat ka lagi… mahal kita…
    (take care always… i love you…)

  10. if you have a friendster please add me up:


  11. 11 Chelsea Parsons

    Omg Tom Felton singing and playing guitar, its like a wonderful dream, im way behind everyone else its all news to me, but OMG how AMAZING! just watched it on utube n my whole body went numb with excitement 🙂 xox

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