Time Well Spent

Silhouettes In Sunsets

Tom Felton


11 Responses to “Photos”

  1. 1 Wendy Whitehead

    You are so beautiful. Your music is awesome too!!!!

  2. 2 Sarisa

    I love the song of Silhouettes In Sunsets especially at the chorus.(the different one sound in higher sound) Really looking forward your first album from your fan in Thailand.

  3. wahou ! you are beautiful !!
    I speak besser german !!!

  4. Ouaouh *O*

    Thank you very much for your songs, and for the photos -_^
    They are wondy wonder wondeful.

    And my friend Laëtitia think that too XD

  5. 5 Tayler

    OH, MY GOD…I love you. Can’t wait to see you in Half Blood Prince and keep up the good work. Sending love all the way from America, your biggest fan. >.<

  6. your smile is so cute ^.^
    the fact your are awesome add of the charm of your music
    but definitely i hear your song again… and again and again and don’t get bored
    it’s just…
    i don’t have the word which can describe what i feel
    just can’t stop to listen to again…

    i say
    Hope have some news very soon 🙂

    Kisses from FRANCE

  7. I just can’t wait for your album, I want to have it allready ^^
    Hoping your songs All I need and I’ll be there will soon be available !
    keep up the good work, I’m loving it ^^ X

  8. 8 aisha

    you are cool and handsome!!!
    you are my favourite actor
    sorry if me not fluently in english,i come from indonesia


  9. 9 Artimis

    enjoy the songs, really i do. anyone know the kind of camera or setting used though? i’ve asked this question before and haven’t gotten a response; cuz i’m liking the antique look, it’s not quite the usual sepia. but yeah, i have to agree, i’m definately looking forward to half-blood prince 🙂 seriously, i saw the preview and it had one glimpse of draco/tom and i freaked out. my friend just laughed at me 😛
    feel the love from middle of nowhere, Iowa USA 😛

  10. 10 Harry Potter's Biggest Fan

    YOU ARE SOOOOOOOOO HOT! The bathtub pic was really cute! Hugs and Kisses to Tom FElton from Alabama!

  11. 11 SIYA

    Hey sweeety, wassup
    seen ur pics, really cool. Keep it up. May u get whatever u want
    ooooooppppssss getting late for my college . BYE

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