Silhouettes In Sunsets

Time Isn’t Healing

Time Well Spent


11 Responses to “Videos”

  1. 1 Rachel

    OH i love you so much Tom, your a fantastic actor and a brilliant singer. keep it up! i love watching you in these videos!! XXXXX

  2. Time isn’t healing… Yes, it’s really ^^

    (spéciale dédicace à une personne que je n’ai pas vue depuis plus de sept ans… T_T)

    And… tou are so beautiful. Yes, it’s really too -_^

  3. 3 Wendy

    You are most definately a brilliant singer & a great actor. The fact that you are SO beautiful just gives me more reason to watch your videos again & again. I think you are awesome!!!! Now I just have to find a way to meet you in person which may be difficult considering I live in the US (Texas to be exact). At least I can dream!!

  4. I’m so happy that i can see you out of “harry potter” world !
    You sing really well
    thank you to share it with us “looneytones” on youtube is right
    you could have keep it for you but you share it
    I hope it’s gonna work as you dream of it (is that correct what i’ve said ? ^o)
    I wish you the best =)
    And if one day you’ll be on stage, I’ll make the trip
    I have to ! 😉

  5. That is so awesome!! The videos/songs are great!! It’s also cool that they’re on youtube and iTunes because obviously a TON of people can see them now. Especially those of us out of country… I never knew you could sing so well!!! Keep up the brilliant work in singing & acting!!!

  6. 6 titi

    My favorite song is Time Well Spent ! But I like Time isn’t healling too.

  7. 7 brone

    Girls, I think you’re all nuts

  8. 8 Hajnalka

    I showed the videos and I should say they were very good and interesting. Tom is very talented. I would like send a messages for him. Has he got a public e-mail adress? Love :* Morning-Glory

  9. 9 Natalia

    I’m Natalia and I’m 13. I’m from Poland. I wasn’t know that You singing! You’re Great!

    When I saw You the first time… Ohh.. It was a love at first sight!!!

    You’re veeeeeeeeeeery handsome =**

    mail me:
    I would like to meet you.
    Incase You answer me I won’t show it to my friend if You want. :*

  10. hi tom my msn is if u want to talk to me:) ok your so cool

  11. hi i love your vid its awsome:) keep up the good work tom:)

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