Welcome to tomfeltonmusic.com (or) feltbeats.wordpress.com a weblog dedicated to music by Tom Felton which is otherwise known as ‘Feltbeats’.

Tom Felton is best known as portraying the role of Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films. In addition to acting, Tom is now pursuing another love – music.

On January 21 2008, Tom joined YouTube under the account name ‘feltbeats’ and uploaded a video titled Silhouettes In Sunsets. This video which plays for 03:04 minutes details Tom performing Silhouettes In Sunsets in which he wrote himself. To date Silhouettes In Sunsets has received over 150 000 hits. As of January 30 2008, Silhouettes In Sunsets is available as a demo on iTunes and plays for 03:01 minutes.

On January 31 2008, Tom uploaded another YouTube video titled Time Isn’t Healing. This YouTube video plays for 02:33 minutes and he describes this song as an “Original song , far from perfectly performed but enjoy!”. Time Isn’t Healing has had over 233 000 hits to date and is currently not available on iTunes.

On May 12 2008, a third video was uploaded to YouTube titled Time Well Spent. Time Well Spent plays for 04:48 minutes and has received well over 500 000 hits. It was featured on YouTube’s homepage as a featured video. Time Well Spent is available on iTunes and plays for 03:04 minutes.

2 more songs by Tom are available for purchase on iTunes: Under Stars and Right Place, Right Time.

Looking at Tom’s favourite videos on YouTube it can be said Andy Mckee and Tommy Emmanuel are great influences.

If you would like to send Tom fan mail, please send it to:

Tom Felton Fan Mail

c/o Curtis Brown Group

Haymarket House

28-29 Haymarket,

London SW1Y 4SP

If you would like an autograph or signed photo then please include a self addressed envelope with correct postage stamps attached.


11 Responses to “About”

  1. Thank you for the adress!!!!!!
    I want an autograph!!!!!

  2. 2 Wendy

    Me too!!! I want an autograph also!

  3. 3 Kayla

    omg i think Tom Felton is amazing! Excellent actor and fabulous singer!

  4. I want a signed photo
    but I wanna meet you in real 😛 and on stage
    yeah it’s a obsession
    ON stage out of Cine, Just you and us =)

  5. 5 Jessica

    Ok i do have an obsession!!! i admitt it!!! but i would love to meet you in person but if i can’t i really really really really want a signed pic. if it’s possible. PLZ!!!

  6. 6 Anna



  7. 7 brone

    I don’t want his damn autograph, I only want to send him a PETA leaflet about fishing. Anybody knows his home adress?

  8. 8 Emily

    I cry during the song ”Time Well Spent”. The reason is because I think of you. Wishing you knew who I was. I don’t even know if I have your right address. I hate that you don’t know that I exist. But knowing you do is weird, I think about you more than anyone. I wish that you could right me an email, But how would I know it was you and not someone else. I really don’t know if you check this. But I love how you love to fish. I like fishing its quite relaxing. I live in the USA. My email is emily.robertson15@yahoo.com. Email me. So I know that you know who I am. I would like to have an autograph from you. I dream of you a lot, Maybe you think I’m weird Thomas…but really I’m not. I’m quite the looker and I’m young, almost 16 to be exact. So please email me. Convince me to believe that it is you.
    Good Bye,
    Emily Robertson ❤

    P.S. I love your voice,smile,looks,style,personality.

  9. I am Sorry but my all Forgot about You! Tom Felton!
    I Just Thinking about Your so Amazing sexy my life of Dream Day that you knows but i not boycrazy but i want be your best friend ever 2 forever! ok Tom Felton! From Nicole Kayla. Ps. I am 17 age and do you knows how who i am that is you knows but add my bebo of again email: Malfoygf@hotmail.com that it! Sweetly Friend! =]

    Loves me of my life in the whole dream!

    xoxox Nicole Kayla! =]

  10. Not say that but I think All Girls are Jealous of you guys but I hope not do it and i not real Jealous of You Guys. =)

    From Nicole Kayla!

  11. 11 madisen

    Hi Tom. I know that you probably dont read this website like, ever cuz you’ve actually got a life, unlike us. (lol jk) anyway, I just want you to know that you are amazing, sweet, talented, hot, sexy, I just love you to death. I like to write stories, and songs of my own and stuff. It’s my life, music. I could never live without it. I’m an amazing singer and plan on auditioning American Idol next year. Hopefully. well, i started writing a song for you: What a surprise
    Theres a new kind of feeling, I can’t explain.
    I guess it’s the kind of feeling, that hides the pain, I know it well.
    Oh yes, I do, I know it well.

    Theres no way that I could ever, tell a lie.
    This is not the kind of love, you can buy, I know it well.
    Oh yes, I do, I know it well!

    Once apon a…dream not everythings what it seems.
    Your words make it better, write me a letter,
    please take it all away, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh,
    This pain, what a surprise.

    Everdays likes a roller….coaster to me.
    You may not even be the person you seem, to be…but baby, don’t lie to me.
    I can’t tell what your thinking, I’m not that type.
    Like the person, who seems, to know the hype, they know it all…oh yes they do, they tell it all.

    Once apon a….dream not everythings what it seems.
    Your words make it better, write me a letter,
    please take it all away, oh oh oh oh, oh oh oh,
    This pain, what a surprise.

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