Tom Felton Shirtless!


I came across this gorgeous photo this morning trawling through Hope you like!… actually I KNOW you will like it!


9 Responses to “Tom Felton Shirtless!”

  1. omfg I looooooooove this picture he looks soooooooooo f***ing HOT my Lord I almost fainted.I wana lick him like a popsickel.’O’ he is a very very sexy popsickel.I feel so guilty talking about him this way but it so true he is HOT.I wish I was his swimming trunks. Don’t you agree ladies.

  2. 2 *°Phoebe°*

    He’s so hot!!oh my god….

  3. 3 stacey

    my god he’s so hot!! i love him and my friend love him too she think he’s hot too!! he is such a cutie!!

  4. 4 Julia

    Nice!!;) i can look at this picture all day long;) and rachel i agree;)
    greetz from nice old germany

  5. i love his picture hes so fu***** hot man omgO.O hes on cuteness and hotness d-uhhhh. hes so dreamy

  6. i like tom he is sooo hot .

  7. 7 Monique


  8. i have to admit he is hotter that potter, blonde hair or brown hair.

  9. 9 mrs. malfoy

    oh my god………he’s sexy……a want sleep with him…..but I’m from Czech….So..I must go…..bye…xD

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