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If you haven’t signed the reinstate petition – then please sign it! =) I know it could have zero impact at all, but it’s better than not doing anything at all. If like me, you miss Tom’s blogs and updates on then please sign it. If Tom does not reinstate (because the […]

The Waterdown Daily Times reports that Tom did not attend the Sixth Annual St. Lawrence International Junior Carp Tournament this year due to his filming schedule. We all know how much this tournament means to Tom and hopefully if his schedule permits, he will be able to attend next year.

Scholastic interviewed Tom recently about his music, fishing and Harry Potter. You can read the interview by clicking here. Here is a little snipet: You’ve posted some music videos on YouTube where you play the guitar and sing. Are those all original songs, and how long have you been writing and performing? I won’t lie. […]

I can see many of you are interested in Tom’s “mystery” lady friend. If you would like to see more photos of her, or photos of Tom from recent camping trips/outings, head on over to You’ll find old and new photos of Tom plus photos of other HP stars. Here is a little sampler […]

I came across this gorgeous photo this morning trawling through Hope you like!… actually I KNOW you will like it!